Dad’s Story

FatherAt we want to share with you a page from our own lives, and a story from our own home. The story is of my own father and how his life inspired me (and my family) to end fatherlessness in Jesus’ Name.

Marked for Change – Born into a home where the sting of fatherlessness had touched many generations, Dad’s heart hung in the balance. Would he settle for how things had been, or reach out for how things could be?

Dad loved his father, mother and family. He stood by them through many highs and lows. He longed to be a good son, a son faithful in every way to those he loved. However, the nourishing words “I love you son” did not find their way through the lips of his father. The pains of fatherlessness seemed destined to claim another generation.

“It’s a Boy” – Life seemed to move along for Dad, and the hurts of days gone by were gradually covered with the business and busyness of life. However, everything was brought to the surface one brisk fall afternoon. Dad received the news he both longed for and feared at the same time. My Dad, Edward Sprecher, had now become a father to a son.

Immediately, the struggles of yesterday invaded both his today and tomorrow. “How can I be a good father to my son?” he asked. “How can I give my son the kind of love that I myself longed to receive?” From this broken and humble place of need, my Dad prayed the prayer that changed my life—and his. That day my father went before his Father in heaven and asked Him for His love … the Father’s love to come make a home inside his heart.

“I love you son” – Floods of forgiveness and freedom fell on Dad as his Father graciously granted his request. The kind of love he had been searching for his whole life had been found, and he was now ready to share it with his son. “I love you son”… these were the words I heard as often as Dad could say them. “I love you son”… these were the words Dad humbly lived out that helped me see the love of God—now my “Father” as well.

Love lives on – One man’s decision to make a stand for the Father’s love has caused this life-freeing love to spread to thousands on six continents. One father’s decision to live in humility and bravery—for his son’s sake—is changing lives far beyond one lifetime.

Dad’s story has brought an end to fatherlessness in our family in Jesus’ Name. It is our sincerest desire that Dad’s testimony (his legacy) would inspire confidence in your heart that no father, mother, son or daughter has to be deprived of the love they need. The love of God the Father is there to be received and given away from generation to generation.